Are you struggling to build your list and get new clients?

Here's a secret... I was too in the not too distant past, but... I made a few tweaks to my methods (and my attitude), and everything has exploded since then! Don't worry... You don't even need a huge email list (or any), or tons of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram followers. What you do need is a no quit, consistent work ethic and attitude. Are you ready to find out what my tricks are? If so, keep reading here.

Show Up Every. Single. Day.

Inconsistency is a killer in the best of times. But show up every day, day in, day out, and watch the magic happen! Don't worry... you don't have to do this on every single social media network that you have an account for. Pick one or two; preferably ones that your target audience hangs out on. Post at least once a day. Post things that are relevant to your audience and will invite conversation. When people comment, make sure to reply and start up a conversation with them. Be genuine and be yourself. I personally love Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and in particular, Facebook groups. Don't only show up on social media though. Show up for your business. Set goals and crush them daily. Day in. Day out.

Start a Facebook Group & Join a Few

Facebook groups are online entrepreneurs best kept secret. They're free, they allow you to get all your target clients in one place, and did I mention it's free? Create a Facebook group that has a theme relevant to your target audience. From there, create a daily schedule for yourself to engage with the group. Create daily themed posts asking for the group's participation. For example, Motivation Monday, Tell me Tuesday, Wisdom Wednesdays, etc. Make sure to set strict rules for your group. Most groups don't allow promo posts and even  yours should be strategically placed and used. You don't want to be spamming your members. The idea is to provide lots of free value and in turn, your members will become loyal followers and eventually... buyers! 

Offer FREE Things

Yes!!! FREE things! A Facebook group is free and works well. Also, come up with other freebies that are of value to your ideal clients. An e-book, a training video, or live webinar. Whatever you do, make sure that when they sign up for any of your freebies, that you are getting their name and email address and adding them to your mailing list using your favourite email marketing software. My personal favourite email marketing provider is AWeber. I also offer a weekly free coaching call to a member of my Facebook group. This is a 30 minute session that focuses on goals and one specific area of struggle. I provide some recommendations and follow-up a week later to see how they are getting along. From here, I have a choice to upsell if needed. It also provides me with invaluable market research on my target audience. It's a win-win for the small amount of time it takes me.

Build Relationships. Real Ones.

Don't just reply to someone's comment with a thumbs up or happy face icon. Sure... it's cute and all, but it's not gonna get you any sales. Reply with genuine comments. Invite the conversation to continue. Don't lie or make things up. People see right through that and will drop you like a hot potato. For example, in my Facebook group today, I asked what everyone's favourite techie tool was since it was #techietuesday. A few mentioned e-books. I also love my Kindle e-reader, so I asked them what they were reading and told them what I was reading. I got some good suggestions to add to my wishlist and so did they. It had nothing to do with selling my products, but I am taking time to build rapport with the people that trust and follow me.

Get Off The Internet & Make Connections

Seriously... Even though you are an online entrepreneur, take the time to make some connections offline. As a coach, I find it valuable to attend my local business women's association monthly mixers, I attend a Toastmasters speaking club every two weeks, and I even strike up conversations with people when I'm out working at the local coffee shop. I have landed coaching clients this way, and even though not every single person becomes a client, I have a good line of people that will recommend me the next time someone needs my type of service. PS... carry business cards with you at all times!

It Works

It really does! Every one of the ways listed above has landed me new clients. The key is to be consistent. Don't go gungho for 2 weeks and expect miracles

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