Hey there! My name is Kay Pitre and I’m here to teach you exactly how to launch your business online and to have a kickass life while doing it.

A few years ago, I decided I was going to change my story and add some new chapters to my life. It was time to re-invent myself!

I made the life changing decision to do what I love instead of what I and society thought I “should” do. I’m now fully self-employed and loving it.

I became a holistic wellness coach, a certified yoga teacher, and I launched into the online world with my yoga, fitness, and wellness membership site!

I believe that life is all about being the best that we can be at any given point in time, given the knowledge and experience that we have. I believe in self-betterment and that our ultimate true goal is to be happy. Period.


and that everyone should feel empowered in their own lives and this includes their work and business life.

I now combine my many years of techie skills and mastery with my newfound expertise in wellness. I meld it all together to offer top-notch programs that are focused on helping people live their best lives yet and run a successful online business.


I am a success coach for online entrepreneurs, speaker, certified holistic health coach (HHC), and certified 200-Hr yoga teacher, and lifestyle coach.

I have over 15 years of business ownership experience, including a lifetime of education and experience in the techie world.

I’m energetic and love building connections with everyone I meet.

I’m kind, quirky, down to earth, a tell-it-like-it-is, no frills gal. I’m passionate about living my very best life. (braggin’ myself up here…)

On a more personal note, I’m a Mom to a very active teenage boy (Nicholas) and two furry cats (Romeo and Juliet).

I also love biking, anything outdoorsy, watching WWE wrestling, hockey, dark chocolate, desserts, comfy jeans/yoga pants, and high heels or boots. I love food and hate housecleaning. That pretty much sums me up! 🙂